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For its 26th edition, ST-ART has brought together artistic practices and explored the links between cinema and photography. This topic has been covered:

  •  By the unique association with "Strasbourg art photography" or Photography Month, which was celebrated for the 1st time in the month of November (and not in the springtime), for which ST-ART marked the close;
  •  Through the presentation, at the heart of the fair, of an exhibition project entitled "Cinema and Photography: A Sensitive Connection", curated by Ryo Tomo, Director of the Strasbourg Festival of Art and Photography;
  •  Through a video exhibition, with the invitation from Patricia Houg to artist Time White-Sobieski,
  •  Through the creation of a sector dedicated to galleries presenting modern or historic photographers.
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Stream Art Gallery's participation in the ST-ART trade show will take on various forms: In addition to a 35 m2 exhibition stand, the gallery will exhibit its artist Angela Glajcar in the Nave of the Exhibition Centre. This monumental structure will greet visitors as soon as they arrive.

Angela Glajcar is contemporary German artist, whose preferred media is paper; From a thousand layers blown apart, she cuts, tears, and rips to excavate the paper, inspired by glaciers, chasms, and imaginary vortices…

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At the initiative of the Trade Show's management and its Selection Committee, composed of Georges-Michel Kahn and Rémy Bucciali, the fair has paid tribute to Jean Greset, a faithful supporter of ST-ART a specialist in art brut and unique art.

Over almost 35 years, his work as a gallery owner has allowed him to put a huge number of artists under the provincial spotlight, around the common theme of geometric abstracts.The very first dimension of his work is constituted by the identification of geometric design in the perpetual movement of the pictorial space which earns the name of abstraction, concrete art, constructed art or geometric art. This was a major reference on the French scene in this movement.
However, this referential reputation was accompanied by a particular trend, art brut and unique air, these pieces which were presented by way of tribute.

Jean thus joined the contemporary fashions of expression which came to be known as follies, and which also became the language of creative power.

This folly and creative power belongs to those who have had the pleasure of introducing you, in homage, to the works of our dear, late friend, Jean Greset.

(according to the texts by Louis Ucciani)

La belle captive


Based on a proposal by Ryo Tomo, Strasbourg-based artists Dool presented their installation "La Belle captive".

Designed and produced by Dool (Diane Ottawa and Olivier Lelong), 'La belle captive' is inspired by the work of Magritte and the film by Alain Robbe-Grillet. It is a mixed-media installation, consisting mainly of digital photographs and video. Magritte's 'La belle captive' represents a mise en abîme into which we can plunge, and gives us food for thought about the links that exist between different levels of representation in painting, the novel, film and photography.

simon berger


For ST-ART, artist Simon Berger and Galerie Mazel presented a performance in which the artist created a 150 x 150 cm work on glass. 

Breaking glass is generally considered a bad deed, more often an act of vandalism. But what if this destruction could actually turn out to be brilliantly beautiful? This Swiss artist has shown us how we can break glass and find new ways of perceiving everyday materials.

After three years of research and experimentation, Simon Berger has discovered how to crack glass without breaking it, transforming ordinary panes of this fragile material into remarkable portraits.

More than a simple feat, his work reveals that when we learn to look at an object creatively, and to see more than what appears in front of us, there is no limit to the surprises we can discover.