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190 years of SAAMS

In 2023, ST-ART will be hosting for the first time a retrospective dedicated to the winners of the Prix Théophile Schuler in association with the Société des Amis des Arts et des Musées de Strasbourg (SAAMS). In addition to this partner exhibition, the show and SAAMS are organising a programme of conferences tailored to the needs of artists and art professionals, with topical themes such as NFT and AI to delight art lovers and the general public alike.

SAAMS, a loyal partner of ST-ART, is returning to the show again this year to present the Prix Théophile Schuler on Saturday 25 November. As part of the celebrations to mark its 190th anniversary, SAAMS is offering a series of new events in partnership with ST-ART:

  • a retrospective dedicated to the winners of the Prix Théophile Schuler, presented in Hall 3, bringing together the prize-winning works of some twenty artists over the last thirty years (installations, paintings, wallpapers, etc.),
  • a competition based on La Belle Strasbourgeoise, an emblematic painting of the city by Nicolas de Largillierre in 1703, now in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Strasbourg,
  • a series of lectures and round tables on the career development of artists and the challenges of the art market.

"We were 'born' on 28 June 1832 to be exact, but we will be celebrating our 190th anniversary in 2022 and 2023," explains Bertrand Gillig, a contemporary art gallery owner in Strasbourg. A member of the SAAMS committee for 15 years, he took over as chairman 2 years ago. "The idea was to organise a number of events, in particular with ST-ART, including a Théophile Schuler retrospective, since this is one of our three main activities. The first is to contribute to the enrichment and preservation of Strasbourg's museum collections, through donations and funding for restoration or acquisitions. The second is to develop a taste for art in Strasbourg through lectures, outings, guided tours and cultural trips. And the third is to develop young artists through the Prix Théophile Schuler.