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Post-Event Press Release

ST-ART 2016: “The contemporary art fair of Strasbourg has
lived up to its promise. The quality of the artwork adds value
to this event” (L’Alsace)

• Attendance remained stable compared to previous years, and was considered
very high quality. The audience of collectors and art lovers attended faithfully,
along with the institutions. By moving upmarket, ST-ART has been able to keep
its visitor numbers up, despite a difficult contemporary art market.
• The improved quality of reception and organisation was appreciated by all of the
exhibitors and visitors, who were pleased by the services put in place, such as
concierge services, artwork packing and delivery services and an information
office on tax incentives for art purchases: “Perfect organisation” (Christian Guex),
“A more sophisticated fair” (Guy Pieters Gallery), …
• The business climate was deemed satisfactory for a large number of exhibitors,
with an increase in the number of works sold compared with last year: Christian
Guex indicated that he sold about twenty artworks at prices ranging from 650 to
15,000 euros (4,000 euros on average), the Bernard Jordan gallery declared that
it sold artworks at prices ranging from 650 to 10,000 euros.
• A prestigious guest of honour added an extra sparkle to this 21st fair: The Maeght
Foundation presented a high-quality selection of museum pieces by artists
ranging from Giacometti to Sam Francis, from Miro to Jorg Immendorf, from
Calder to Simon Hantai: “This is the type of invitation that corresponds precisely
to an important aspect of the Foundation’s mission, as imagined by Aimé and
Marguerite Maeght with their artist friends: bringing art to as many people as
possible,” explained Olivier Kaeppelin, director of the Maeght Foundation and
guest art critic.
• The Carte Blanche of art critic Michel Nuridsany was dedicated to an installation
by French artist Anne Ferrer: “Between a comforting plaything and a carnivorous
plant, Anne Ferrer’s installation at ST-ART was dreamlike and colourful, playing
with ambiguity by being both whimsical and disturbing. Michel Nuridsany made
a winning choice, to which American musician John Nichols added his touch”
(Serge Hartmann, Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, 26/11/16)
• The 100 galleries followed the artistic direction recommendations, by proposing a
pertinent artistic project with a clear, dedicated overall design. They thus contributed
to the quality upgrade, which was recognised unanimously by the press. A few
fine projects worth remembering include those by Clara Scremini, Guy Pieters,
Laurence Esnol, Itinérance, Stefano Forni, GNG and Radial Contemporain.
• For the first time, the City of Strasbourg became involved alongside the fair, by
awarding the “Art Prize of the City of Strasbourg”. Among the eight nominees,
all from different genres of art (installation, photography, drawing, painting, and
more), the judges awarded the prize to Laurent Impeduglia, presented by the
Jean-François Kaiser gallery. The jury comprised Mrs Estelle Pietrzyk, Curator at
the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Strasbourg (MAMCS) and Mr
David Cascaro, Director of HEAR – The Rhine Higher School of the Arts.
• ST-ART’s strong attachment to its roots in the local area was confirmed once
again this year with the presence of: the City of Strasbourg with a Carte Blanche
dedicated to a selection of resident artists from Le Bastion 14, the uniting of the 3
Regional Collections of Contemporary Art (FRAC) of the Grand Est Region, which
dedicated its space to a collective exhibition exploring the concept of territories,
the city of Basel, which was invited to present the latest news about its museums
and cultural institutions, and La Chambre: an image exhibition and training space
in Strasbourg.
• The Week of Art in Strasbourg. With a shared commitment to creating the Week of
Art in Strasbourg, ST-ART offered an off-site programme in collaboration with the
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Le Maillon, La Chambre, Apollonia,
the Club de la Presse and private collections opened for the occasion. Special
features such as brunches, evening events, private visits and exceptional opening
times all confirmed that Strasbourg truly is a welcoming city with a rich cultural
We look forward to seeing you in November 2017 for the 22nd fair.