ST-ART is continuing its development under the impetus and with the know-how of the GL events Group, a major global player in the event industry which began its chairmanship of the Board in 2014.

Every year, ST-ART invites an art critic to set his or her gaze on the art market and its players.

ST-ART presents a new selection of French and international art galleries representing every trend from the past fifty years.

ST-ART invites a guest institution as well.

With its associated “Hors les Murs” (Outside the Walls) tour, ST-ART presents the cultural vitality of its local area in a festive, friendly ambiance geared towards exchanges and encounters.

ST-ART promotes art by encouraging corporate art patronage, through initiatives aiming to make companies more aware of the tax incentives they can benefit from when they purchase artwork.

Becoming an exhibitor