ST-ART 2017 22nd Edition

Exhibition Centre, Strasbourg From 17 to 20 November 2017

ST-ART is an annual commercial event reserved for modern and contemporary art galleries and art publishers from many countries. The objective of ST-ART is to promote modern and contemporary art and enable the sale of modern and contemporary artworks.

Continuing its development, initiated in 2015 by a new management team, this year ST-ART will present a renewed selection of French and international galleries. After the MEP in 2015, a renowned cultural institution will be invited in 2016 to present part of its collections, in a surface area of 100 sq. metres. A well-known art critic will succeed Michel Nuridsany who, after setting his gaze on last year’s fair, has been invited to present a curated exhibition this year. Inviting an art critic represents the next step in the organisers’ wish to bring together all of the actors of the art world, who play a crucial role in enriching the artistic heritage of the future, by breaking down the barriers between public and private, critics and galleries.

Après la MEP en 2015, institution culturelle de référence qui avait proposé aux visiteurs en avant-première de sa grande rétrospective parisienne la photographe Bettina Rheims. C’est au tour de La fondation MAEGHT de présenter une partie de ses collections.

Finally, the fair will continue to be reorganised into different areas. Three key avenues of action that the public has responded to with great enthusiasm and interest.

Other areas of development will also be addressed, in order to give the fair new momentum, particularly through the renewal of the management committee.

The vibrancy of last year’s fair continues. We invite you to discover this year’s fair, from 17 to 20 November 2017.