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« The fair has upped the ante, a truly great surprise and some wonderful discoveries »

Eleonore Thery, Journal des Arts


« In the family of regional contemporary art fairs, ST-ART in Strasbourg is truly exceptional. Inaugurating its 22nd edition this year, the Fair stands the test of time and undeniably moves with the times »

Sylvain Alliod, La Gazette Drouot


« Under the leadership of its artistic directors, the European Contemporary Art Fair continues to regenerate and improve in terms of quality »

Armelle Malvoisin, Beaux-Arts Magazine


« In addition to a more drastic selection process, which signals the return of renowned dealers such as the Belgian Guy Pieters, ST-ART wishes to enhance its geographical location at the crossroads of Europe by forging new relations with German, Belgian and Swiss galleries »

 Aurélie Romanacce, L’Œil


« More than ever, ST-ART contemporary art fair is focussing on Strasbourg’s European outreach.

An exceptional forum with galleries from all over Europe for a breath-taking dive into the heart of continental creation  »



« The art fair in Strasbourg is becoming an absolute must »

Abendblatt  – Alle Rechte vorbehalten


« ST-ART incites encounters. Art lovers on both banks of the Rhine find plenty to see and discover »

Günther Hieber, Kulturjoker


« ST-ART – the most European of art fairs in the region confirms its ability to interweave strong ties between professionals, institutions and the public at large »

L’Officiel des galeries & musées


 « ST-ART, a fair in transition… A new brand image arises » 

Stéphanie Pioda, La Gazette Drouot


« Taken up by new expert hands, ST-ART, the contemporary art fair in Strasbourg has gained in clarity, quality and energy »

Guy Boyer, Connaissance des arts


 « The ST-ART Fair in Strasbourg improves from one edition to the next in terms of quality and dynamics.” »

Elodie de Dreux-Brézé, Connaissance des arts


 « ST-ART – or the art of organising a beautiful fair. The Strasbourg art fair continues to provide a salutary gateway to contemporary art at the heart of Europe » 

Stéphane Lemoine, L’Officiel des galeries et musées


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