The commitee

  • Paola Forni has run the Galleria Forni in Bologna since 1985, originally with her father, Tiziano Forni, who founded the art gallery in 1967.

    She has promoted several public and museum exhibitions in Italy and abroad. With her gallery, she participates in major national contemporary art events and several international fairs.

    Paola Forni currently holds a high-level position at the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries in Italy.

  • Remy Bucciali was born in 1952 in Rueil-Malmaison. He studied photography and the visual arts in Paris and joined the Rigal studio, in Fontenay-aux-Roses, in 1972. Appointed intaglio printer in 1975, he worked under the supervision of Master Printer Gaston Gerbault until 1976.

    In 1977, he opened his own studio in Paris before opening one in Colmar in 1983. Since then, numerous international artists have had their works printed by his studio. Since 1989, he has been publishing contemporary prints under the “Editions Rémy Bucciali” label. He collaborates with many French and international galleries, in cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Cologne, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Düsseldorf.

    He also participates in many international fairs, such as Art Paris, Art Elysées, START-Strasbourg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, ART Karlsruhe, London Print Art Fair and AAF Brussels.

  • Ferran Josa has been a member of the Committee since 2001 as director of the Sala Parés Gallery, and this year, of his new art venue, the Pigment Gallery. His business has expanded through regular exhibitions in his galleries and, especially in the past few years, through participation in numerous international fairs in Europe. His new gallery, in Barcelona’s Eixample district, is part of a strategy to become a future reference for contemporary figurative art.

  • Michel Nuridsany, born in 1938 in Neuilly, has focused his career on three areas: contemporary art, as a critic, exhibition curator and director of the Arles Festival 1995; literature, as an editor, biographer and novelist at Flammarion; and in the film industry, as the director of “Bastien et Bastienne”, as a screenwriter for Jean-Louis Buñuel and of films about artists and as president of the International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal.

    He is a “Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters” and a “Chevalier du Tastevin”.

  • Jean-Pierre Arnoux is a founding member of the ST-ART committee. He has been participating in the fair for about fifteen years.

    For 30 years, his gallery in Saint-Germain-des-Prés has been specialising in avant-garde abstract art from the 50s.

    In parallel, Jean-Pierre Arnoux volunteers for various charity and general-interest causes, through associations, unions and humanitarian organisations in which he holds high-level positions.

  • After beginning medical studies, which he stopped to concentrate fully on art, Pascal Gabert organised exhibitions of contemporary artists throughout France and in Paris, for about a decade. For 30 years, he ran his own Parisian art gallery, first located on Rue Quincampoix, and currently on Rue du Perche.

    “I think the role of a gallery owner is similar to that of a facilitator. Behind every work that I present lies the past and the future of the gallery.” P. Gabert

  • After 20 years in the fashion industry, and already collector of  50/60 French and European abstractions, George Michael Kahn opened a gallery in 1997 in Strasbourg next to the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary. After 7 years in Strasbourg, he opened a showroom in Paris and since 2006, he settled in Ile de Ré where he is opened six months in the year. The gallery publishes every year multiple artists and is involved in the book publishing
  • After 20 years jointly running the Olivier Houg art gallery in Lyon, Patricia Houg joined the GL events Group in 2011, as Director of the La Sucrière arts venue and Curator of Exhibitions produced by the Group, featuring artists such as Chiharu Shiota, Erwin Olaf and others.  Currently Adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Strasbourg événements and Cultural Development Director of the GL events Group, she was appointed Artistic Director of ST-ART in 2016.