Carte Blanche 2017

Damien Cabanes

“The work of Damien Cabanes is a dense, concrete œuvre that gives shape to life’s small manifestations”.
Olivier Kaeppelin, Exhibition Catalogue

In his sculptures, the artist’s strength to bring out shapes and vibrations is just as evident. The tortillons, for example, are simple plates of clay painted and then twisted in the artist’s two hands. From a repetitive gesture rose an infinity of shapes.

The “variation on the same theme” lies at the heart of the creative principle of Damien Cabanes, like a musician who has found the instrument, the main melody and the “colours” of the atmosphere he wishes to evoke. It would then simply remain to explore again and again the infinite possibilities offered by his power of concentration and imagination before the material, the better to express its reality.

“His paintings, his sculptures, his installations need to know, at the most authentic level, from what the real is made.”
O. Kaeppelin, id.