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“ST-ART, Strasbourg’s Contemporary Art Fair, now in expert hands, has become sharper and more energetic, with an increase in quality”
Guy Boyer, Connaissance des arts


“ST-ART, the Arts Fair in Strasbourg, goes from strength to strength, increasing its quality and dynamism from year to year.”
Elodie de Dreux-Brézé, Connaissance des arts


“ST-ART, or the art of organizing a Fair of exceptional quality. The Strasbourg-based Fair continues to provide valuable coverage of contemporary art at the heart of Europe”
Stéphane Lemoine, L’Officiel des galeries et musées


“The move towards greater quality has become a reality – a pleasant surprise. Great discoveries in store.”
Eleonore Thery, Journal des Arts


“Strasbourg’s exceptional ST-ART stands out in the category of regional contemporary art fairs. This year it inaugurates its 22nd Fair,
with the combined qualities of endurance and an undeniable ability to adapt”
Sylvain Alliod, La Gazette Drouot


“Its Artistic Director leads the European Contemporary Fair in its transformation towards an event of greater quality”
Armelle Malvoisin, Beaux Arts Magazine


“In addition to a more drastic selection, opening the way for the return of renowned art dealers such as the Belgian Guy Pieters, ST-ART aims to capitalize on its geographical location at the crossroads of Europe by establishing new contacts with German, Belgian and Swiss galleries”
Aurélie Romanacce, L’Œil


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